About the Blog

I’m writing this blog as a synthesis and archive of what I think about and learn each week–drawing connections between seemingly disparate areas of my life. I hope my experiences can give you some new ideas that you can apply in your own life.

About Alec

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In eight years of Jesuit high school and college education, I learned the importance of being a person for others and I want to reflect that in every facet of my life.

I spent four years studying international politics and economics in college. I aimed to gain insight into how to unlock innovation to improve people’s lives in societies around the world. After graduation, I quickly got involved in New York’s startup community, seeking to get hands on experience with innovation. I gravitated towards digital marketing because of how powerful I saw it could be: it still amazes me how one Facebook ad can reach thousands, even millions of people.

Over the past three years I have now worked with over 30 companies in many different areas of digital marketing (paid search, paid social, organic social, landing page design, and email marketing to name a few). I’ve found that true marketing is about getting in front of people with a product or service that is truly right for them with a message that genuinely represents that product or service, at a time when they are open to hearing about it. I’m currently seeking out projects with companies that want to market genuinely and authentically.

Outside of my marketing work, I’ve developed a deep interest in the psychology of human performance. What allows us to feel and perform their best? What do we mean when we say someone is “in the zone” and how can we cultivate more of that in our lives? In order to gain more insight into these questions, I’m currently taking online courses in psychology through UC Berkeley and I’m planning to apply for a Master’s before the end of 2018. My long term goal is to open a performance psychology practice of my own to help people optimize their performance in all that they do.

When I’m not working or studying, I love to play competitive ultimate frisbee and Super Smash Bros and apply what I’m learning about performance psychology to improve my gameplay and that of my teammates.